Your apartment with the services and amenities of a great hotel that you can book per night or through a membership that gives the right to use for one week a year from 3 to 20 years. This membership gives you that full vacation, free from the accumulation of maintenance worries, by neighborhood, by time invested in paperwork, among many other things that often end up depleting energy and wasting valuable time and resources to reconnect with yours and with yourself. .

Fisherman’s Resort Operation

It is with high hotel standards as a beach Resort and also under the modality of “Timeshare”, providing daily cleaning services of rooms, reception area and attention to guests and members, it offers additional cost services, such as the organization of tours and activities such as yoga sessions, massage services, surf classes, family reunions, among others.

Timeshare weeks begin on a Monday and end the following Monday. They are numbered from 1 to 52 each year, two of these are reserved for maintenance. Up to 150 times-share accommodation right-of-use contracts will be put up for sale (out of the total of 312) in this first stage of six apartments. This in order to provide a greater probability of availability to the holder of the hosting rights contract.

As an added value, the holders of the accommodation rights contract have alliances with the sister company Las Flores Resort and another extensive network of hotels, to be able to make exchanges under different conditions according to season and apartment size. Additionally, the contract also establishes that two subletting options can be accessed: through the contract holder or through Fishermans Resort Life management.

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