Your apartment with the services and amenities of a Beach Resort, one week a year for 3 to 20 years, gives you that full vacation, where you don’t have to think about maintenance, location, time spent on paperwork, among many other things that often end up wasting your energy and valuable time and resources, that are better destined to reconnect with yours, with yourself and with El Salvador..

Fisherman’s Resort operations management will be made under high intertanional hospitality standards as a resort and will also operate in “Timeshare” modality providing housekeeping services every day, reception area for check ins and check out, guest customer service, also additional cost services like organizing tours and activities such as yoga, massage services, surf lessons, family meetings, among others. Timeshare weeks start on a Monday and end on the following Monday, and these are numbered from 1 to 52 each year, 2 of which are reserved for maintenance. There will be 150 time share week units for sale (out of 312) at this first construction stage of the 6 apartments so that there is good avalability for time share contract holder.

As an added value to holders of rightst to use contract holder, there are alliances with many Hotels in El Salvador, to be able to exchange under different conditions depending on season and size of apartment. In addition, the right to use contract holder is also able to sub lease its time share week through 2 options: by means of the holder or through a rental pool at Fishermans Resort Life administration.

Fishermans resort