Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Fisherman’s Resort, committed to sustainable development according to ISO 26,000, has been working to support the 4 local communities that are close to the project: Flores Kinder, La Esperanza, La Bocana and El Jute that total approximately 4,378 habitants.

Social: Several important needs have been found which will be supported in the medium term, but Caserio El Jute School Center is already being supported, which has 61 students and only 2 teachers. Work is also being carried out to provide training and boost capacities in issues related to hotels and tourism. We want to sponsor football tournaments; local surfing competitions and teams and direct support to schools through donation of school supplies and sports equipment.

Economic: It is intended to generate worthy jobs with benefits well above the minimum established by law, paying taxes, indirect employment generation and development of an associative group to develop sustainability as a tourist destination.

Environmental: The project has been designed to make efficient use of energy, capture rainwater and water recycling in irrigation of gardens, it will invest in the generation of solar energy and there will be landscaped walls and slabs. Permanent cleaning and recycling campaigns are also planned.

Fisherman's Resort