Fisherman’s are back!

Between the 80’s and 90’s Fisherman’s was always among the main options to go to have a good time with the family. Fisherman’s tends to generate in all visitors from its past generation, memories of: cousin games, family lunches, and endless pool days.

Now Fisherman’s returns improved and renewed as: Fisherman’s Resort Life, but without losing the essence of being a reliable option to generate good memories and unforgettable experiences with your loved ones. Now there is the concept of an “aparthotel” in which you have all the comforts of a beach hotel, but making you feel at home. It has a menu with a unique touch of international food, but without losing the “Salvadoran”

However, there are also things that have not changed, and it is the breeze with sea spray that touches your face and makes you connect with nature, the soft sand that touches your feet and makes you always want to return, the waves that await you. to practice sports like surfing, or just to get some salt water and leave refreshed, and last but not least, unforgettable sunsets.

Fisherman’s Resort Life brings you many alternatives for family fun, where the only thing you will lack is: time. Come and rediscover this magical place that one day will “catch” emotions, memories, experiences, and the fresh sea breeze.

Get to know our new concept and enjoy one of the best beach hotels in El Salvador.

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