Apartment Hotel and Timeshare

Fisherman´s Resort, is an apartment hotel project developed with high international standards, with a division called Fisherman´s Resort Life, in which the goal is to provide right to use contracts under the modality called “timeshare”.

Its concept is a vision of sustainable development where it comes into contact with the Oceanfront environment, and a positive impact on the economic, social and cultural development of the area.

Located in Playa Las Flores, La Libertad, El Salvador, the Resort is to start operations in 2019 and offers a unique opportunity of 36 timeshare weeks at project launch prices.

Security, tranquility and comfort of an oceanfront Apartment Hotel Resort, at one of the most beautiful beaches of La Libertad, Las Flores Beach.

The yearnings of Salvadoreans living abroad who dream to vacation in their homeland come together at Fisherman’s Resort:

The comfortable satisfaction of a nice oceanfront apartment that is also close to San Salvador in a healthy, safe and family friendly environment.


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